Psystar president Rudy Pedraza contradicts sworn legal statement in newspaper article

Wed, Nov 11, 2009

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We’ve been following the ongoing legal battle between Psystar and Apple extremely closely here at Edible Apple, and this week should be a doozy with Judge Alsup scheduled to issue a ruling on both parties’ motions for Summary Judgment tomorrow.

With D-day only one day away, the Broward/Palm Beach News recently ran an interesting 6-page profile on the two brothers who founded and currently run Psystar, Rudy and Roberto Pedraza, aged 25 and 25 respectively.

The Pedraza’s tale reads like a movie – their family fled from Cuba in the early 1980’s and soon re-located to the Little Havana neighborhood in South Florida.  In 1991, shortly after Rudy had turned 10, their dad was arrested and sentenced to 7 years in federal prison for trafficking cocaine.  Add in a cancer scare, a near-fatal car crash, and an epic legal battle against one of America’s most iconic companies, and you have the backdrop for Psystar.

But one excerpt in particular caught our eye, specifically because it contradicts a legal motion recently filed by Psystar in its legal battle against Apple.

A quick refresher – During the course of discovery in the case, details regarding Apple’s security measures to prevent OS X from running on non-Apple hardware have been disclosed in depositions and via documents handed over to Psystar from Apple.  Naturally, this information is not publicly available and has been deemed proprietary and highly confidental.  As such, all references to such information are redacted in court filings by both Psystar and Apple, pursuant to a court order on the matter.

Psystar, however, filed a motion about a month ago seeking to make Apple’s technological circumvention measures in OS X publicly available to the masses.  In other words, Psystar doesn’t want to redact any of Apple’s confidential security measures in its court filings, and argues that such information isn’t even confidential in the first place.  In an attempt to back up its assertion, Psystar compiled and submitted to the Court a list of publicly accessible websites which not only detail OS X security measures, but also provide details on how to bypass them and get a Hackintosh machine up and running.

Psystar is basically arguing that Apple can’t designate its security measures in OS X as confidential information when it’s freely available all over the web.  The legal merits, or lack thereof, of that argument aside, the profile on the Pedraza brothers references a telling quote from Rudy Pedraza, the business mind behind the Psystar operation.

Psystar, surprise surprise, has been accused by many of “borrowing” heavily from  the work of the osx86project, a collaborative group of tinkerers who share information on how to get OS X running on PC hardware.

When presented with that accusation, the article noted that Rudy Pedraza “scoffs at the idea” that Psystar has stolen anything.

“The first thing you have to do is unlearn everything you’ve just read online about how to make this work,” Rudy stated, “because it’s all wrong.

Oh really?  That’s funny, because Psystar filed a legal document in a Federal District Court asserting just the opposite – asserting that an ordinary user could use readily available information on the web to get OS X running on non-Apple hardware.  Rudy Pedraza even signed a sworn statement, under the penalty of perjury, indicating as such.  And now we find out that the web can’t be trusted.  How convenient.

You can check out the full profile of Psystar and its founding brothers over here.  It’s well worth a read if you’ve been keeping an eye on the case.



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  1. Fring Says:

    Get ready to buy APPL if the judgement goes awry

  2. S.B Says:

    Rudy is finding it very difficult keeping his lies in order and since Phystar “Rudy himself” was sanctioned 5000.00$ for dishonesty and Lying a few month ago, we are going to see a quicker demise to the trumpet up David and Goliath story and of course Apple will prevail.

    Now it is going to be very interesting to see what type of recourse the court take.

    Perjury is a very serious thing and this has not been the first time Rudy has lied to the court.

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