Video Electronics Standards Association issues standards for Mini DisplayPort connector

Wed, Nov 11, 2009


The Video Electronic Standards Association (VESA) announced today that it has officially drawn up standards for the Mini DisplayPort connector initially developed by Apple, and now present on its Cinema Displays and line of MacBooks.

MacRumors writes:

Apple had initially offered the standard on its own as a no-fee license in order to encourage adoption, but VESA announced early this year that it would include the Mini DisplayPort specification in its next update to the broader DisplayPort standard, opening the door for even simpler adoption by other manufacturers.

VESA’s announcement notes of the MiniDisplay Port:

Originally developed by Apple for its new generation of portable PCs, Mini DisplayPort is much smaller than DVI (Digital Video Interface) or VGA connectors and enables full function display output on ultrathin notebooks and netbooks. Earlier this year, Apple agreed to license the mDP interface to VESA for inclusion in the DisplayPort standard.

VESA is finalizing DisplayPort 1.2, which incorporates mDP and doubles available bandwidth to 21.6 Gb/second. The increased bandwidth enables new capabilities such as multi-monitor support via a single output connector, higher resolutions, refresh rates and color depths, along with high performance 3D displays.



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