“iTunes Preview” lets users browse iTunes via the web, sort of

Sat, Nov 14, 2009


Macworld reports on the quiet rollout of iTunes Preview, a web based version of iTunes that’s called into action anytime a user without  the iTunes app installed clicks on an iTunes link to a song or album..  And believe it or not, it even works on IE 6!

Unfortunately, it’s still not possible to listen to previews outside of iTunes. That makes iTunes Preview’s name a bit of a misnomer, but it’s certainly more marketable than, say, iTunes Tease. Just in case you forget, there’s a giant ad on top of the page to remind you that you must install iTunes to sample and purchase this music.

For now, this feature only works with music, but it’s easy to see how this may someday be extended to movies, TV shows, and the App Store.

Nothing too wild here, but it’s certainly a more elegant way to let users know that they should download iTunes.


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