Analyst claims Apple tablet will come in variety of different models

Mon, Nov 16, 2009

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Despite no official announcements from Apple, it’s largely believed that Apple’s long rumored tablet will make its debut sometime in 2010.  Not surprisingly, analysts and tech pundits are hopping on the tablet bandwagon even though they happen to know little if anything about it.  Most recently, CNN spokewith a number of analysts about the Apple tablet, with Laura DiDio of ITIC having the more interesting opinions on the topic.

DiDio states: [The Apple tablet] “will be the next big thing.  Apple is going to wow everybody with the tablet.”  Man, do analysts have an easy job, or what?

“The tablet will change the game,” DiDio continues, “because Apple will throw down the gauntlet at the competitors, and force them to follow along.”  Groundbreaking stuff here, folks.

DiDio then drops some interesting tidbits about the tablet, yet provides no evidence or source to back up her claim.  DiDio was quoted as saying that “the tablet will have a 10-inch to 12-inch screen and a high-end graphics card that will enable stunning resolution — even more so than the iPhone and iPod Touch.”  Moreover, DiDio says that Apple’s tablet will come in a variety of different models, each with their own flavor of Internet connectivity.  Interestingly, earlier reports noted that Apple had manufactured tablet like devices in a number of different screen sizes. At the time, it was believed that this was merely a means for Apple to figure out which screen size was the most optimal.  But is Apple really planning to release an onslaught of tablet devices in different screen sizes?  I suppose its possible, but that’s not really Apple’s style.  They typically don’t differentiate a product until the first iteration has already become a hit.  Perhaps then, DiDio is really referring to one tablet device with a varying price depending on which Internet connectivity plan you choose, if at all?

Moving along, DiDio claims that the tablet will also include a web cam, “which business travelers will be able to use for video conferencing on the go.”  Insightful stuff.

To be fair, DiDio does provide some interesting tidbits, but all of this analyst mumbo jumbo should be taken with a grain of salt.  A lot of times analysts seem inclined to speak on forthcoming Apple products merely as a way to get their name out in print.  As it stands now, the only people who actually know something worth mentioning about the tablet aren’t talking.



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  1. Yacko Says:

    If multiple tablet flavors is true and Apple is smart, then USB connectivity will not just be for syncing but also to use the device as a dumb auxiliary screen on a desktop or stationary laptop. Value added and an extra use without bloating the cost much.

  2. robinson Says:

    Agreed, 100% Too much hype without evidence… and the statements are ambiguous in too many ways.

    Now, if $600 is the magic price point, you can be assured it will start at $800.

  3. James Bailey Says:

    Isn’t Laura DiDio the woman who claimed to have seen the infringing Linux code from SCO? Yeah, how’d that work out for her? I don’t think I would put much credence in anything she might claim to know.

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