Apple executive’s backyard is a trippy piece of art

Sat, Nov 28, 2009


Senior Apple Executive Jeff Dauber works in Apple’s Mobile Mac Systems division by day, but by night, he’s an avid art collector with a trippy looking backyard designed by Berkely-based architect Thom Faulders.  Believe it or not, but the surface pictured above is actually flat.

MetropolisMag writes on the design:

Faulders used 3-D–modeling software to achieve Deformscape’s dipping effect. “I wanted someone to barf when they look at it,” says Dauber, a senior executive at Apple. “The deck looks like it is sloping away from you.” Dauber is not your standard-issue Silicon Valley techie; he’s covered in tattoos and owns an impressive, challenging collection of contemporary art (including a mosque made out of gun parts, by the sculptor Al Farrow).


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