New translator app for the iPhone is a perfect mix of utility and gimmickry

Mon, Nov 30, 2009


We’ll be honest – gimmicky apps for the iPhone can be pretty cool.  And it goes without saying that useful iPhone apps are, well, useful.  But when you combine a gimmick with an app that actually provides some utility, the power and entertainment value of the iPhone really starts to impress.

And in that vein, may we introduce you to iLingual, a free and fun new app for the iPhone that adds a comedic twist to foreign language translation apps.  Here’s how it works.

First, you take a picture of your mouth with the iPhone’s built-in camera.  Next, you pick from one of 400 phrases.  And then, hold up your iPhone to your face and the app will animate your mouth to correspond with the phrase actually being uttered by the iPhone’s speakers.  The app has both male and female voices, and users can alter the pitch to their liking.  Currently, the app supports translation from English to French, English to German, and English to Arabic.  You can check out a demo video of the app below.

You can find the app on iTunes over here.


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  1. heywood Says:

    LOL I’m speechless! kewl..


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