10 minute video of the Google phone in action

Fri, Jan 1, 2010


The Google phone, or Nexus One as it’s officially called, is primed to drop in just a few days. Below, peep this 10-minute video of the phone in action.


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  1. Jared Says:

    I can barely force myself to watch that video with all the UI elements not responding; the guy flicks multiple times and Android fails to register the action. Can no one, even Google, get that magic sauce right, besides Apple?

    Google Engineers: the iPhone reads my mind when I touch the screen. If your phone screws up even once and fails to read subtle (or obvious, like tap v. flick) differences in my actions, you really need to go back and play with the iPhone for another two years before you are allowed to design mobile OSes. Get the basic basics right. It’s 2010. You’ve had 3 years to copy Apple. Stop adding useless fluff (animated battery sucking wallpaper a la Microsoft Active Desktop) and put some real effort into making the darn OS usable. Also, I agree with most of Marco’s points here:


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