Will the Apple Tablet bring sexy back?

Thu, Jan 7, 2010


Here’s the latest tablet rumor to get you amp’d up for Apple’s January 27th media event. Citing a source who has seen Apple’s tablet OS (but not the actual device), Silicon Alley Insider reports that the UI “has a good bit of new sexy to it.” New sexy, huh? I’m reminded of Puff Daddy’s interesting commercial for Pro-Active where he boldly states about the anti-acne cream – “It helps me maintain my sexy.”

Anyways, the source who reportedly saw the device also mentions that while it may seem like a big iPhone, it’s more than just that. Hmm, we’re thinking content deals. Remember that conceptions of the iPhone prior to its introduction were, in hindsight, significantly lackluster compared to what Apple actually delivered. Given the crumbs we’ve heard about the tablet, and the fact that Jobs is reportedly focusing all of his energy and attention on the product, it seems reasonable to assume that the tablet will vastly exceed whatever type of device anyone currently envisions. Which, I must point out, is the exact opposite effect of Microsoft’s recent introduction of an HP Slate running Windows 7.



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