France Telecom Executive says Apple Tablet to include webcam for live streaming

Mon, Jan 11, 2010


In a recent interview with journalist Jean-Pierre Elkabbach of France’s Europe 1, France Telecom executive Stephane Richard essentially confirmed that an Apple Tablet is on its way and that it will come with a built-in webcam to provide for live streaming.

The relevant portion of the exchange is as follows:

Jean-Pierre Elkabbach (the interviewer) : According to Le Point (a french magazine), your partner Apple will be launching a tablet
Stéphane Richard: Yes.
Jean-Pierre Elkabbach: … equipped with a webcam.
Stéphane Richard: Yes.
Jean-Pierre Elkabbach: Will Orange customers also be able to enjoy it?
Stéphane Richard: Of course!, they will actually particularly enjoy it because the webcam will allow live video streaming. It’s a new take on mobile video-conferencing.

It was long assumed that Apple’s upcoming tablet would include a built-in video camera, but this is the closest thing to a confirmation on the matter we’ve seen to date.

A video of the interview can be seen below, with the pertinent portion of the interview beginning at about 6:10.



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