Is this the glass for the Apple Tablet?

Mon, Jan 11, 2010

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Citing a trustworthy source, The Mac Observer has posted an image purporting to be a 10-inch glass screen from the upcoming Apple Tablet. If accurate, we can only assume that the slit towards the “top” is a speaker while the hole on the bottom is for an iPhone-style home button. And the button area in the upper left hand corner might be where Apple is planning to place a video camera.

In other tablet news, MacRumors points out that the Fingerworks website (the company resopnsible for the iPhone’s multitouch technology) has abruptly been taken down.

The removal seems to correspond with the impending announcement of an Apple tablet later this month. One possible explanation is that Apple will finally be implementing many of the same advanced multi-touch keyboard gestures that were originally pioneered by Fingerworks.



2 Comments For This Post

  1. Scott B Says:


    Take it from someone who just replaced their Apple iPhone 3G glass front lcd screen cover, This is just a blow up of a replacement screen glass, They are identical.

    Lets see, Sheep, Wool, Over, Eyes… 🙂

    I think we all get the point.


  2. Olternaut Says:

    Please God no let this NOT be the Apple tablet. 🙁

    How unimaginative you have to be to make the thing literally be a giant ipod touch?

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