Rumor: Next-gen iPhone to come with OLED screen, front facing camera, dual-core processors

Tue, Jan 12, 2010

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In all the hoopla over the upcoming Apple Tablet, people seem to have forgotten about the iPhone. But if a recent report from the Korea Times is any indication, the next-gen iPhone will come with a number of interesting improvements.

According to KT, South Korea’s second largest mobile carrier, the next-gen iPhone will come equipped with an OLED screen along with a front facing video camera for live video chatting. One of the more intriguging, though perhaps implausable, tidbits in the report has Apple introducing an iPhone with a removable battery, a move which was described as “highly likely.” For a company as averse to removable parts as Apple, a removeable battery seems like the last thing Apple would do. Hell, it even took away that option on┬áits low end MacBooks.

Moving along, the Korea Times also reports the next-gen iPhone will come loaded with dual core processors, along with improved graphics capabilities that will result in better video resolution and crisper still images.

Interestingly, the report notes that the 4G iPhone may see a release as early as April as a means to combat Google’s ever growing fleet of Android based smartphones. This mirrors a report from earlier today where a French carriers hinted that Apple would begin selling the next-gen iPhone sometime in May.


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