Report: Apple tablet in full production, annual shipments of 10M anticipated

Sat, Jan 16, 2010

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A research note from AVI Securities analyst Matt Thornton yesterday reports that the Apple Tablet is currently “in full production”, and that Apple’s insatiable demand for NAND flash is currently causing a worldwide shortage.

Citing a source with manufactures a component for the upcoming tablet, Thornton anticipates that Apple will ship 10 million units of the hotly anticipated device in 2010. As for what the device will do, Thornton says that Apple is going after e-books, e-magazines, and e-readers.

“You have limitations on handsets, you have limitations on the Netbook and notebook,” Thornton stated, “this is going after that other category that is much more multimedia centric, as opposed to mobile-communications centric or mobile-productivity centric.”

On a related note, we reported earlier in the week that production of the upcoming tablet has purportedly tied up the supply for all 10-inch LCD and OLED screens.

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