Solid writeup on the Nokia Apple patent dispute

Tue, Jan 19, 2010

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As you may already be aware, Nokia and Apple are apparently trying to sue each other to oblivion, with each side looking to block the import of the others’ devices. At issue, naturally, are claims of patent infringement relating to a whole host of technologies.

Chris Dannen of BNET penned an article a few days ago that does a great job of delving into the specifics of the dispute, along with providing some much needed context to the patent allegations at issue.

Nokia, Watson says, is fully entitled to its licensing fees, but also notes that they way these standards pioneers enforce these fees needs more regulation. Referring to Nokia, Watson says: “They know (perfectly) how to play the standards game, and stop others playing the same way.” He also notes that about 60% of the world’s phones operate unlicensed under 2G technology, simply because the licensing fees are too difficult to collect. Apple is being targeted because of its success, its threatening stature and its deep pockets.

It’s a solid, informative, and enlightening read that’s well worth checking out. You can find it over here.


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