Despite Sports Illustrated demo, don’t expect Time Inc. at next week’s Apple event

Wed, Jan 20, 2010


Not too long ago, Time inc. released a concept video depicting how an issue of Sports Illustrated might appear on a tablet device. This naturally got people thinking that the demo was made with Apple’s upcoming tablet in mind. But now Time has told All Things D that it has nothing to showcase at next week’s media event because Apple only recently started sharing pertinent information about the device with them. So while the SI tablet demo is certainly eye-catching, don’t expect to see it in action next Wednesday.

But for now, Time Inc. executives are thinking about this stuff in a bit of a vacuum, because they don’t know exactly what Steve Jobs has up his sleeve. Tease that out a bit and you can tell the story of most media companies: They’re excited to start taking advantage of the tablet–as soon as they find out what it is, exactly.

Meanwhile, Sports Illustrated has always said that its digital demo is a work in progress and that it is aiming to have a finished product ready by the middle of this year. Other Time Inc. titles are supposed to follow.

Peep the SI concept video below.


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