Apple in talks with McGraw-Hill and Hachette to provide titles for Apple Tablet

Fri, Jan 22, 2010


You know, we’re gonna look pretty stupid once Apple comes out with a tablet device and calls it something like the iSlate or iPad, all the while we’ve been referring to it as the Apple Tablet for months. But we digress..

The tablet rumors used to trickle down like a leaky faucet, but now they’re coming in on full blast. Late last night, BusinessWeek reported that Apple is in talks with both McGraw-Hill and Hachette to provide content for the upcoming Tablet, which will, barring any unforeseen circumstances, be unveiled this coming Wednesday.

A closer look at what McGraw-Hill and Hachette are all about suggests that Apple is looking to make the conent on the Tablet as broad and all-encompassing as possible.

McGraw-Hill is a powerhouse textbook publishing house and the “third largest educational publisher in the U.S. by sales.” Hachette, meanwhile, provides more standard e-book titles, and their roster, so to speak,┬áincludes authors such as Ansel Adams, Stephen Colbert, Emily Dickinson, Malcolm Gladwell, Christopher Hitches, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela, David Sedaris, and Jon Stewart.

Apple’s talks with McGraw-Hill cover how the two companies can market textbooks for the tablet and ways their software development teams can collaborate to publish digital textbooks and educational content on Apple’s latest device, two people say. “The talks are as much about marketing as they are about software development,” says one of the people involved in the discussions.

You can check out the full scoop from BW over here.



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