Apple pushing to lower price of TV shows on iTunes as networks resist

Tue, Jan 26, 2010


The Financial Times reports that Apple is pressuring networks to lower the price of individual TV episodes on iTunes from $1.99 down to $1 in an effort to improve lackluster TV sales.

The plan is seen as an integral part of the iPhone maker’s strategy for the tablet computer, which it is expected to unveil tomorrow.

However, networks are resisting the move as they fear a repeat of the music industry’s pact with Apple in 2003 to sell individual songs for 99 cents on iTunes. The price helped to simplify and boost downloads of digital music but dented album sales .

In early November, we reported that Apple was pitching a $30/month subscription service to networks where users could download an unlimited number of shows from participating networks for a flat rate.

Check out the full scoop over here.



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