Tablet to be called iPad? Launch date of March 1 and $725-$1300 price range?

Tue, Jan 26, 2010

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A tweet, now erased, from German retailer Media Markt may have spilled the beans on the launch date and pricing for Apple’s upcoming Tablet device. The tweet stated that the Tablet, referred to as the iPad for those keeping score at home, will launch on March 1 with a retail price of 499 Euros with a T-mobile contract and 899 Euros without. This translates to about $725 and about $1200 respectively. To be honest, the pricing seems a bit high, as noted by MacRumors, it seems extremely unlikely that Apple would release pricing information to retailers before even announcing the device itself – especially if the launch date isn’t until March.

We’re gonna have to call BS on this, but feel free to analyze and speculate away if you’re so inclined.

via MacRumors



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