WTF! Episode of “24” to feature Jack Bauer using Apple Tablet

Tue, Jan 26, 2010

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Just when you thought that the Apple Tablet rumors couldn’t get any crazier comes the following tweet from 24’s director of photography, Rodney Charters.

It reads: “Hmmmm looks like we may get an iSlate into Jacs hands for Ep 20 getting giddy with excitement.”

Doing some quick math, episode 20 of 24 has a tentative airdate of April 26th.

But alas, we spoke too soon. Shortly after, Rodney tweeted: “Got a bit too excited probably more likely Episode 22 but Apple provided fingers crossed”. Episode 22 has a tentative airdate of May 26th.

Apple, of course, is quite adept at product placement on a slew of hit TV shows, and their products have been seen on episodes of 24 going all the way back to Season 1.

via TastySlate

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