Scoring a year full of Apple tablet rumors – who was right and who wasn’t.

Thu, Jan 28, 2010

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With Apple’s long anticipated tablet/iPad announcement now firmly behind us, let’s take a look back at the past few months of tablet rumors and see who was right, who had an inkling of an idea, and who was plain wrong.

1) In May 2009, Apple analyst Gene Munster wrote that Apple would release a $500-$700 tablet with a close resemblance to the iPhone OS.

The device’s OS could bear a close resemblance to Apple’s iPhone OS and run App Store apps. Apple could possibly introduce a second screen resolution into the iPhone OS software development kit, enabling developers to build apps specifically for the larger tablet device.

Key apps, like Safari and Mail, could make use of the larger screen resolution, making Apple’s tablet appealing for more extended use, but the company could continue to leverage its primary asset in mobile computing, the App Store, in this scenario.

Verdict? On the money!

2) BusinessWeek reported in April 2009 that Apple was in talks with Verizon Wireless to distribute 2 iPhone-like devices. One of the devices mentioned was a larger media pad capable of viewing photos and watching video in HD quality

Verdict? 50/50. The iPad obviously doesn’t run on Verizon’s network, but it’s still possible that Apple considered a deal with Verizon at one point in time.

3) July 2009 – VentureBeat reported that the Apple tablet would include a PA Semi chip design.

Verdict- Apple A4 seems to be a dead ringer.

4) July 2009 – AppleInsider reported that Apple would launch a tablet in early 2010

Verdict? On the money!

5) July 2009 – TechCrunch reported that Verizon was rushing out its LTE network in preparation for Apple’s upcoming tablet.

Verdict? Please try again

6) Taiwan-based Apple Daily writes that the Apple tablet will be released in September 2009

Verdict? Not even close!

7) August 2009 – Gene Munster, reiterating some previous statements, wrote that an impending Apple tablet will look like a large iPhone, will run current iPhone apps as well as an entirely new subset of apps, and will cost between $500 and $700 bones.

Verdict? – On the money!

8. July 2009Taiwanese new site InfoTimes writes that Apple will launch an $800 Tablet in October 2009

Verdict? Eh, they got the price down, but the timeline was way off.

9) August 2009 – Barrons reports on a veteran financial analyst who claims to have seen an Apple tablet. He said it’d have around a 10-inch screen and “could fulfill a variety of multimedia functions currently taken up by a gaggle of individual consumer electronics devices.” Also said it’d have HD video. Anticipated a November 2009 release.

Verdict? 50/50. He got the utility of the device down, but is that really that impressive? Release date was a few months off.

10) August 2009 – Gizmodo reports that Apple will release 2 versions of a tablet, one with a webcam, and one without.

Verdict? Thank you, please try again.

11) August 2009 – Gizmodo reports that Apple is going to release a 10-inch tablet alongside 13 and 15-inch models.

Verdict? Gimzodo strikes out again.

12) September 2009 – Tawian Economic news reports that Apple will launch the tablet in February 2010 with a pricepoint between $799 and $999. It notes that the tablet will sport a 9.6-inch multitouch screen, a PA Semi processor, built-in 3G connectivity, and a long battery life.

Verdict? Not too bad. They got the timing down, almost – and the specs are right on point, all the way down to the screen size which everyone else seemed to get wrong.

13) September 2009 – iLounge reports that tablet will come in 2 different models, one with 3G and one without. Anticipates pricetag of $800-$1000, 9.7-inch screen, and 720p video playback. Also noted that tablet announcement may come as early as January 19, 2010 with a release date later in the spring.

Verdict? We have a winner! iLounge nails a bunch of details on what would eventually be called the iPad, and nailed the announcement date just about a week out.

14) October 2009 – NY Times exec Bill Keller references “impending Apple slate”

Verdict? Please try again. Apple did seem to register the iSlate trademark, but it ended up going with iPad instead.

15) Digg founder Kevin Rose talks to drunk Apple employee at a bar. She tells him that upcoming Apple product is for real, but won’t be called a tablet.

Verdict? 3 cheers for alcohol induced leaks!

16) September 2009 – Gizmodo reports that Apple is in talks with major publishers to supply content for upcoming tablet device.

Verdict? Gizmodo gets one right, finally.

17) October 2009Never before heard of analyst Laura DiDio of ITIC says Apple tablet will come in variety of models as it relates to internet connectivity. Says tablet will come with webcam for video conferencing.

Verdict? Eh, we’ll give her a 50/50 mark.

18) November 2009 – Digitimes writes that Apple will release 2 distinct tablet models, one being a 9.6-inch device with a lcd screen and the other sporting an OLED screen.

Verdict? DigiTimes sometimes has some good scoops, but they’re as wrong as often as they are right.

19) December 2009 – Diggnation co-host Alex Albrecht says Apple tablet device will be shockingly cheap.

Verdict? With the base model starting at just $499, much props to Alex on the scoop!

20) December 2009 – IDC writes that Apple will release called an “iPad” with a form factor between 8 and 10-inches. Says will be used for watching videos/movies, reading books/magazines/newspapers, surfing the web, videophone functionality, and online gaming.

Verdict? Gotta give them props for nailing the “iPad” name down nearly a full 2 months before anyone thought that iPad was a viable name.

21) December 2009 – Oppenheimer analyst Yair Reiner writes to investors that upcoming Apple tablet device will come with 10.1 LCD display with anticipated ship date of late March early April.

Verdict? Not too shabby.

22) December 2009 – Financial Times writes that Apple will make tablet announcement in January. Also noted that Apple reserved Yerba Buena Center for late January.

Verdict? Can’t go wrong with the Financial Times.

23) December 2009 – Boy Genius Report writes that Apple will announce a 7-inch tablet in January.

Verdict? BGR has some good scoops, but they aren’t too reliable when it comes to Apple related rumors.

24) December 2009 – Silicon Alley Insider writes that select developers are told to start preparing apps for a new larger mobile device with a higher resolution display for an event in January.

Verdict? Right on the money!

25) January 2010 – WSJ writes that Apple will begin shipping 10-inch tablet device in March.

Verdict? Size is a bit off, but with Apple leaking info to the WSJ, no surprise they got the shipping date right.

26) January 2010 – Cult of Mac writes that tablet will come with a steep learning curve.

Verdict? Uh, not so much.

27) January 2010 – New York Times writes that upcoming Tablet will come with advanced multitouch capability along with optimized multitouch version of iWork

Verdict? Props for nailing the iWork scoop.

28) January 2010 – Apple observer John Gruber of DF says upcoming tablet device will not come equipped with a built-in video camera

Verdict? Gruber knows his stuff!

29) January 2010 – founder writes that Apple’s purchase of LaLa will be huge factor in upcoming tablet.

Verdict? Off base, but might be proven right down the road.

30) January 2010 – Hours before Steve Jobs takes the stage, Gimzodo publishes photos purporting to be of the back of the soon to be announced Apple iPad.

Verdict? Hats off to Giz.

31) January 2010 – FoxNews writes that Apple will release 2 versions of a tablet. One running on AT&T and the other on Verizon.

Verdict? We knew there was something fishy about FoxNews getting into the Apple rumor business.


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  1. CapnVan Says:

    I believe you missed my personal favorite.

    Douchebag Jason Calacanis was tweeting, just hours before release, that he had been in possession of an iPad for 2 weeks.

    But even better, he managed to get details like pricing, size, Verizon, etc. wrong.

    It’s sheer genius. If you have a love of watching @sshats make fools of themselves.

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