Jobs: iPad has 140 hours of music playback, e-books will cost the same as on Amazon

Fri, Jan 29, 2010


At Apple’s iPad event this past Wednesday, Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher of the WSJ caught up with Steve Jobs and asked him a few questions about the iPad, its battery life, and the pricing of e-books. Below is a video of Mossberg talking with Jobs along with a transcript of their chat (as best as we could understand). Notably, Jobs says that the iPad has 140 hours of continuous music playback and says that prices of e-books on the iBook Store will be the same as they are on Amazon. Lastly, the interaction between the 2 seems a bit awkward, but see for yourselves.

WM: Why should [you] buy a $14.99 e-book when you could buy one on Amazon or Barnes and Noble for $9.99

SJ: Well that won’t be the case.

WM: Really? I mean you won’t be $14.99 or they won’t be $9.99?

SJ: The prices will be the same… Publishers are actually pulling their books from Amazon, because they’re not happy with them.

SJ: Music, it is, 140 something hours, I think, of continous music playback

WM: What about for reading, how bout reading, over 200? [Sound is muffled, but seems like 200 hours is what is being tossed around? Please correct us if you hear any different]

WM: Because you know Amazon’s is measured in days. [Damn Walt, that’s cold!]

SJ: Yes, it’s all about the display. Our chips hardly use any power.

WM: But that’s the key, you’re doing an e-book reader that isn’t using e-ink, but really a beautiful color, LED,

SJ: You can read at night

WM: But yet on the other hand, there’s a battery cost

SJ: You know, there isn’t, because you just end up plugging it in. I mean, connecting it to a dock or whatever you need to do. It’s not a big deal. 10 hours is a long time. Because you’re not gonna read for 10 hours.

WM: So should I write my review of this on this?

SJ: Sure, get Pages, and write on Pages.

WM: I can save it as a word doc, like on the Mac?

SJ: Yes, yes you can.

WM: And then send it… I mean, believe me, the editors don’t know anything about Pages.

SJ: You could export it.. you could make a Word version.. right in Pages you can make a Word version and send it in an email to your editors.

WM: All from here?

SJ: Yeah.


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