Analysts: Apple’s iPhone contract with AT&T to extend into 2011

Tue, Feb 9, 2010


Despite a number of reports suggesting that the iPhone will be available on every major US carrier by the fall of 2010, two analysts are now going against the grain and stating that Apple’s choice of AT&T to handle 3G connectivity on the iPad suggests that Apple will extend its exclusive iPhone agreement with AT&T well into 2011.

Analyst Vijay Jayant writes,

(The) launch of Apple’s iPad on AT&T’s network is a vote of confidence in AT&T’s network by the equipment maker. While iPad sales are unlikely to materially impact wireless revenues in the short term, selecting AT&T to launch its second major communications product reflects Apple’s bias for the global GSM platform and the prospects of AT&T’s network capability. Moreover, it could suggest the iPhone exclusivity may continue, at least through the end of 2010.

AppleInsider has more on the story over here.



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