How to watch any video on your iPod or iPhone in portrait mode

Wed, Feb 10, 2010


If you watch a lot of video on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you might have noticed that some videos work in both portrait and landscape mode while others work only in landscape. If, for some reason, you want to keep your video options as open as possible at all times, there’s a handy workaround for that.

In iTunes, find the listing for the video in question. Next, press the control key while clicking on the file name. Doing so should open up a contextual window where you should then select the top option, titled “Get Info”. As a shortcut, you could also press command-i while the file is selected. ¬†Once the “Get Info” window pane is open, go to the ‘media kind’ menu and select “Podcast”. Next, hit OK and you’re now good to go. Be aware, though, that if you make the aforementioned adjustment to a particular video, it will then show up in the Podcast pane on iTunes, even if it happens to be a Movie or TV Show.

via TUAW


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