Apple starts the countdown to 10 billion downloaded songs on iTunes

Thu, Feb 11, 2010


Apple today on iTunes hoisted up a new contest called “Countdown to 10 Billion Songs”, the winner of which will receive a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card.

The prize will be awarded for the entry (either through a song download or through the non-purchase online entry) sent immediately following the download of the 9,999,999,999th song. The potential winner will be determined by the order of the entries received. In the event that more than one entrant would be a winner based on the simultaneous timing of entries, one entrant will be randomly selected from those entrants as the winner. Each entrantÂ’s chances of winning are dependent upon the number of eligible entries received.

Time to whip out those credit cards. Apple of course likes to hold these types of contests from time to time to mark milestones in both music and app store downloads. It previously held a contest for the 1 billionth song downloaded from iTunes and most recently, held a One Billion App contest last year.



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