Adobe CTO Kevn Lynch talks Apple, says Flash on the Mac will improve

Wed, Feb 17, 2010


Apple’s stance on Flash is pretty well-known, with Steve Jobs going so far as to say that the majority of crashes on Safari are because of Flash. Below, Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch took some time to talk to Kara Swisher from All Things D about all things Apple and Flash, while also addressing some of the anti-Flash sentiment that’s become popular as of late.

We’re totally open to hearing feedback like that. And that’s one of the really important things to do in a situation like this, when people are complaining about something — not going into internal mode, or whatever, (but) really listening to what people are saying. We do that with our customers, we do that with our critics, and often there are kernels in there that we ought to do something about, and so we are.

Lynch made a point to note that Flash on the Mac will run smoother and more reliably in the future. We won’t hold our breath, but prove us wrong Adobe.. prove. us. wrong.



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