10 years later, Arnold Kim and MacRumors are still going strong

Wed, Feb 24, 2010

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Wired has a nice profile up of MacRumors’ Arnold Kim, who today celebrates 10 years in the Apple rumor business. Kim, of course, famously started Mac Rumors while still a medical student, and the site would soon go on to become the most popular Apple blog on the web.

Arnold Kim quit his job treating kidneys to dissect the secrets of his favorite electronics company, the famously confidential Apple.

Kim launched his independent blog MacRumors.com on Feb. 24, 2000 during his fourth year in medical school. His Apple enthusiasm eventually outweighed his passion for nephrology.

“The medicine stuff, even as much as you enjoy the job, it’s a lot of stress, a lot of responsibility and certainly isn’t what I would choose to do on my free time,” said Kim, now 35. “MacRumors was my fun time, my vacation from work, and eventually [when it made enough money], it eliminated the financial obligation of working.”

As the creator and lead writer of MacRumors.com, which celebrates its 10-year anniversary on Wednesday, Kim takes a scientific approach to analyzing and reporting Apple rumors. Every day, he filters out bogus news tips in search of seemingly truthful gems while sniffing up clues hinting at Apple’s future plans.

You can read the full story over here.


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