Ngmoco CEO sees huge potential for the iPad

Wed, Feb 24, 2010


Things certainly seem to be firing on all cylinders over at Ngmoco, the popular iPhone game development company started by former EA employee Neil Young. Earlier this week, Ngmoco secured over $25 million in venture capital funding in addition to purchasing Freeverse, the development house behind some of the more popular iPhone games of all-time. While things on the iPhone front seem to be push forward, Young also has his eyes set on Apple’s potentially next big thing, the iPad.

Speaking to Om Malik of Gigaom, Young called the iPad “magical”, and believes that its potential is not yet fully appreciated by those who have expressed disappointment with Apple’s latest creation.

“Most negative reviews are from people who I think who were expecting a fundamental new technology, not a new user experience,” Young stated. “I remember the same type of commentary around when the iPod touch launched.”

Young continues, “The iPad is going to occupy a different part of a user’s life — it will be at the intersection of your home laptop and netbook and personal game console.”

As for Ngmoco’s development plans for the iPad, Young laid out a 3 step plan to best position his company to take full advantage of the iPad.

  • Adapt six of its major titles to iPad specifications and have them available for download alongside the device’s launch.
  • Enhance its games to take advantage of the large screen real estate and also augment them with other iPad-specific features.
  • Once iPad has scale or shows a trajectory of scale, build new applications specifically for that platform.


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