Penguin Books looking to tackle the iPad with full force [Video]

Thu, Mar 4, 2010


Penguin Books CEO Jon Makinson recently demoed some upcoming titles for the iPad they have cookin’ in the kitchen. From interactive kids books to medical reference titles, Penguin is really getting behind the iPad and they feel that ebooks will represent 10% of their total sales in 2011.

The Ipad represents the first real opportunity to create a paid distribution model that will be attractive to consumers,” Makinson stated, “The psychology of payment on tablets is different to the psychology on a PC.”

Makinson also stated that Penguin is particularly excited about the multimedia capabilities of the iPad, and that they plan to embed audio, video and streaming into every title that can handle it.

Addressing the now standard 70/30 revenue split publishers will have with Apple, Makinson said that the revenue split is actually a step forward as the equivalent print model only gives publishers 50% of earned revenue.

A lot more on the story over here via PaidContent.


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