AT&T announces extensive 3G investments across the US

Mon, Mar 8, 2010


It’s hard not to point the finger at AT&T for shitty 3G coverage, and while iPhone users tend to use more data than other handset owners, the iPhone isn’t exactly the new kid on the block anymore. AT&T though has been making strides to improve both the coverage and robustness of its network, so much so that Apple remains convinced that AT&T will be up to the challenge of not only handling iPhone traffic, but upcoming iPad traffic as well.

That said, AT&T recently announced a slew of investments it’s making across a number of states to improve 3G service for its customers. What this means is the addition of more cell sites along with significant upgrades to existing cell sites. In California alone, for example, AT&T will be adding 200 new cell sites and upgrading nearly 500 cell sites currently in operation.

AT&T’s recent announcements are part of its 2010 “wireline and wireless capital investment”, and when the dust settles, AT&T is planning to put in nearly $19 billion worth of network upgrades before the year is out. More recently, AT&T highlighted the completion of software upgrades it made to a swath of 3G cell cites nationwide to prepare them for HSPA 7.2 technology.

To check out which states AT&T has made 3G improvements in, check out the following list via HowardForums.


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