Apple hires wearable technology expert Richard DeVaul

Mon, Mar 15, 2010


Always looking to stay on the cutting edge of technology, Computer World reports that Apple recently hired wearable technologies expert Richard DeVaul, an MIT PhD with a focus on integrating technology into “mobile and portable applications.” DeVaul’s dissertation was something he called “The Memory Glasses Project”, and he describes it thusly:

The Memory Glasses is a wearable, proactive, context-aware memory aid based on the MIThril platform and wearable sensors. The primary goal of this project is to produce an effective memory aid and reminder system that requires a minimum of the wearer’s attention. Our Memory Glasses paper that was published in ISWC 2003 describes recent research on the use of subliminal visual cues for memory support.

Interestingly, DeVaul will reportedly be working on top secret, behind the scenes projects at Apple under the auspices of Apple design guru Jonny Ive, where Computer World notes that only 7 people at Apple will actually be aware of the wild and crazy prototypes he will presumably be working on deep in the bowels of Apple’s secret underground layer.


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