Palm Pre running Flash 10.1 fails to impress; Hulu doesn’t work [Video]

Wed, Mar 17, 2010


Check out this video footage from the San Francisco Game Developers Conference of a Palm Pre loaded with a pre-release version of Flash 10.1. The user tries to load up Hulu to no avail, and then plays some jittery Flash game that is anything but impressive. More concerning, though, is how utterly unresponsive the Palm Pre mulitouch screen seems to be. We can just picture Apple legal asking Steve Jobs if they should proceed with a lawsuit against Palm and Jobs simply responding, “Have you used a Palm Pre? What’s the point?”

via 9to5Mac


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  1. Chanso de Roland Says:

    Apple takes this odd approach to its products and services: It wants them to work as advertised and as users reasonably expect them to work. Other companies seem to take the approach that it is enough to advertised features like support for Flash and multitasking so that they can gain some product differentiation/advertising advantage, but not a genuine performance advantage, over the iPhone; if the the advertised features actually work, that’s just a happy coincidence. Often, however, as evidenced by the video, supra, the results of trying to get the advertised features to actually work aren’t so happy.

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