Windows Phone 7 Series won’t support “cut and paste”

Wed, Mar 17, 2010


Microsoft has confirmed that its next-gen mobile OS, Windows Phone 7 Series, won’t include support for “cut and paste.” While we’re not terribly excited for Microsoft’s latest mobile offering (have you seen the damn thing?), Microsoft’s reluctance to throw every feature it can into the OS can only be seen as a good thing. Much like Apple, it makes sense to focus on a few things at first and to really make sure that the features you do include are polished, rather than include every feature under the sun in the first release.

But with Windows Phone 7 Series handsets not debuting until the holiday season of 2010, it seems like it’ll be too little too late for Microsoft. With the next iPhone upgrade presumably coming this Summer, Microsoft is seemingly catching up to where the iPhone was in 2007.

via The Register


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