Mac Tip of the Day – Use Command to open folder in a new window

Mon, Mar 22, 2010


Welcome to our first post in what may or may not be a series of posts detailing small but useful tips to help make your Mac computing experience that much smoother.

If you’re browsing through a directory in the Finder and are continuously opening up folders and drilling down further into your folder hierarchy, it’s easy to lose track of where you even got started. This is particularly annoying if you are looking to transfer files from a newly opened folder to one that was previously on the screen.

The solution?

The ever versatile Command key, located just to the left and right of the spacebar.

If you press the Command key while double clicking a folder, the targeted folder will magically open up in a new Finder window, thus keeping you original place and easing the transfer of files between folders if that’s how you like to get down.


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