Steve Jobs confirms that iPhone will get universal e-mail inbox

Tue, Mar 23, 2010


Steve Jobs is on an e-mail tear lately. Earlier today we noted that Jobs sent an email from his iPad stating that e-books not wrapped in DRM will sync up just fine with the iPad iBook reader. Next, Jobs responded to a user email regarding a universal email inbox on the iPhone.

The email in question reads:

Hi Steve, Just wanted to express my thanks to your company for it’s continuing effort on total customer satisfaction. I had various issues with my iPhone recently and even though my device was 36 days past it’s warranty coverage, the Genius gave me a new iPhone. It’s things like this that have solidified my status as a life-long customer.

Anyways, I just have one question for you, will iPhone ever have a universal mailbox just like Mail has on my Mac? It would be so much easier and efficient.

Thanks for reading, and take care.


And Jobs’ response? “Yep“.

Jokes about Jobs’ terse email replies aside, it’s nice to hear that the mail app on iPhone will eventually implement a universal mailbox, presumably when the next iPhone OS update comes around. As it stands now, users have to manually switch back and forth between various email providers to check all of their email accounts, a process which can fast become tedious when you have to continuously check 3-4 mailboxes consistently throughout the day.

The next iPhone will most likely launch in June of this year, with Steve Jobs referring to it as an “A+ upgrade.”

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