A cheese sculpture of Steve Jobs.. WTF!

Wed, Mar 24, 2010

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Imagine walking into a party and seeing this bad boy staring you in the face.

An Apple fan named Ken with a passion for all things culinary decided to combine his 2 loves and create a block of cheese in the shape of Steve Jobs’ head. And no folks, this isn’t The Onion.

And what type of cheese was used to create such a masterpiece? Why Mozzarella of course. According to Ken the craftsman, Mozzarella has the right consistency for food sculpting, not to mention the fact that its “pasty-white color matches the skin tone of many a computer geek like Steve…”

And for Jobs’ beard? Well, as you might have guessed, it’s regular old pepper.

Here’s Jobs looking creepy on a cheese plate.

And here’s Jobs looking cozy, but still creepy, in a bowl of Nachos.

To check out the entire cheesemaking process along with some dipping plate suggestions, head on over to The Cooks Den.


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