Apple acquires “iPad” trademark from Fujitsu

Fri, Mar 26, 2010

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Shortly after Apple unveiled the iPad on January 27th, reports began circulating that the “iPad” trademark was actually registered to Fujitsu, a company out of Tokyo who released a mobile device by the same name in 2002. Fujitsu’s iPad, in case you’re wondering, ran a mobile OS from Microsoft, came with a 3.5 inch color touch screen, and included support for VoIP calls.

In the wake of Apple’s iPad, Fujitsu stated that it properly owned the iPad trademark and that they would consult with their legal team in order determine what steps to take next.

Fujitsu had initially applied for the iPad trademark way back in 2003 though it was subsequently abandoned in early 2009. Fujitsu then attempted to revive the trademark in June of 2009, but not before Apple stepped in and applied for an international trademark for the “iPad” moniker. Following that, Apple filed a series of requests in opposition to Fujitsu’s recently revived trademark application.

And just when it appeared that we’d have another legal showdown on our hands comes news via Patently Apple that Apple acquired the iPad trademark from Fujitsu for an undisclosed sum on March 17th.



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