Apple rolls out iTunes App Store on Facebook

Wed, Mar 31, 2010


Apple this week rolled out a new and improved integration of the iTunes App Store with Facebook. Users who visit Apple’s “App Store” page can now view a list of top apps, check out the most popular free apps, or simply browse away to their heart’s content. Put simply, the “App Store” page on Facebook provides users with the same app browsing experience available on iTunes.

The Facebook initiative was powered by Virtue, a company specializing in social media campaigns. Virtue worked closely with Apple’s iTunes team to roll out some of the following features:

– A “Featured” tab including highlights from the App Store, such as “App Store Essentials,” “App of the Week”  and Top Charts listing the most downloaded apps

– A “Games” tab to showcase featured games and Top Charts specifically for Games

– A “Search & Share” tab allowing fans to search for their favorite apps (via the App Store API) and share them with their friends without ever leaving Facebook

– Vitrue’s SRM (Social Relationship Manager) powering advanced wall posts, complete with scheduling, tracking and moderation capabilities

Once a user finds an app they’re interested in, they can simply click the “Get App” button and they’ll automatically be whisked away to the iTunes page for the app, where they can then purchase and install it.

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