iFixit tears down actual iPad, finds “gorgeous symmetry”, robust design

Sat, Apr 3, 2010


With another spectacular Apple product launch behind us, iFixit got its hands on an iPad and wasted no time in tearing that bad boy open and examining its innards, as Dwight from The Office might say.

Commenting on the photo below, iFixit observed:

Wow, what gorgeous symmetry.

The display assembly and rear case assembly are each 350g. Talk about 50/50 weight distribution.

Seemingly an insignificant tidbit, it’s that minute attention to detail that separates Apple from the pack.

And check out how thick the piece of touchscreen glass is on the iPad. It measures in at 1.18 mm.

Also of interest is that Apple reportedly used more epoxy to secure its chips to the board than iFixit had ever seen before, suggesting that the device was “designed to be even more rugged than their laptops.”



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