Engadget reviews the JooJoo tablet

Tue, Apr 6, 2010


Maybe Michael Arrington should be happy he got screwed out of the JooJoo tablet (or is it Crunchpad) initiative. Engadget’s review of the web browsing tablet concludes with this glowing review:

There are just so many things we wish Fusion Garage did differently with the JooJoo. Even putting aside the fact that Apple’s $499 iPad brings more to the table than just web browsing, the JooJoo is less portable, has a worse (if larger) screen, is unintuitive to use, and ships with half-baked software. We commend the start-up on its nice piece of hardware design, but until the software is given some much-needed love and the price is seriously reevaluated we simply cannot recommend this tablet.

You can view a Video walkthrough of the JooJoo tablet below.


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