Jean-Louis Gassée on the Apple-Adobe “flame war”

Mon, Apr 12, 2010


Former Apple executive Jean-Louis Gassée comments on Apple’s decision to disallow developers from creating iPhone apps using multi-platform development tools:

Who, in his right mind, expects Steve Jobs to let Adobe (and other) cross-platform application development tools control his (I mean the iPhone OS) future? Cross-platform tools dangle the old “write once, run everywhere” promise. But, by being cross-platform, they don’t use, they erase “uncommon” features. To Apple, this is anathema as it wants apps developers to use, to promote its differentiation. It’s that simple. Losing differentiation is death by low margins. It’s that simple. It’s business. Apple is right to keep control of its platform’s future.



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  1. Steve M Says:

    What I don’t understand at all, is why this level of outrage is completely lacking from video game consoles. Console manufacturers have incredibly strict regulation and control of their platforms, why can’t Apple? Why aren’t developers pissed that they can’t run any XBOX games on their PS3??

    I just can’t see these complaints as anything other than whining. WAHHHHH I DON’T WANT TO LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE TO WRITE APPS11!!!!1111!!! WAHHHHHHH.

    They should just stick to flash then and see what happens, or .Net, or C# or whatever they already know. They’ll all go away eventually then, just like people who refused to adapt to any number of changes in business in the past. I’m sure there were some people, maybe ancestors of these whiners, who didn’t want to use electricity either because it isn’t free and is tied to a grid.

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