Steve Jobs reportedly says no more support for iPhone 2G

Mon, Apr 12, 2010


Love him or hate him, it’s kind of cool that Steve Jobs has been replying to user emails with increasing frequency, even if his responses are laughably short.

Most recently, a German user emailed Jobs asking if Apple was planning to offer future support and OS updates for the original iPhone.

The email read:

Hey Steve!
Is Apple supporting/updating the iPhone 2G in the Future?

Cheers Niko

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Jobs, master tweeter, responded:

Sorry, no.

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Out of the total number of iPhones currently in use, I wonder how many of them are the original 2G models.

You can check out a screenshot of the email, with headers and all, over here.

via MacStories



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  1. HT Says:

    Bummer. I still have no plans to get rid of mine…

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