Should Adobe shoulder any blame in the iPhone/Flash controversy?

Wed, Apr 14, 2010


With all the anger directed at Apple over their reluctance to let apps onto iTunes that were simultaneously developed for a number of platforms, many haven’t stopped to take the time to look at Adobe’s role in all of this.

Adobe’s flash to iPhone compiler was one of the big features in their new CS 5 suite, but Apple’s anti-flash stance is not anything new. In fact, anyone with even a casual interest in tech has been aware of Apple’s refusal to support Flash playback for almost 3 years now. That said, with so much noise focusing on Apple “screwing over” developers, what blame should be shouldered by Adobe for touting a feature that they could have reasonably assumed would arouse the ire of Apple?

Louis Gerbarg astutely points out that Adobe is a large company with high level access to the upper echelon at Apple. “There is no doubt in my mind,” Gerbarg writes, “that if they asked Apple to bless this they were rebuffed, and if they didn’t ask the only reason they didn’t was because they knew Apple would say no. In either event, they announced the product to their customers and sold them on an idea they were not in a position to deliver…”



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