Pointing to iPhone launch, AT&T disallows employees from taking vacations in June

Sat, Apr 17, 2010


Adding further credence to the rumor that the next-gen iPhone will drop in late June, Boy Genius Report is reporting that AT&T employees have been disallowed from taking off for vacation in June. AT&T has instituted the same rule during each previous iPhone launch, so a June launch is looking more and more plausible.

Now as for a specific date, there have been reports that the next-gen iPhone will debut on June 22, but it’s unclear if that date is the launch date or when Apple will officially introduce the next-gen iPhone, tentatively dubbed the iPhone HD, to the world.

The original iPhone launch date was June 29, 2007 followed by the 3G launch on July 11, 2008, which was then followed by the iPhone 3GS launch on June 19, 2009.



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