NSA director is a fan of the iPad

Mon, Apr 19, 2010


The folks in the NSA don’t get as much attention as their counterparts in the CIA, but don’t let the lack of publicity fool you. The NSA are a badass bunch of dudes tasked with collecting and analyzing foreign communications. In other words, they’re quite skilled when it comes to electronic spying, eavesdropping, computer hacking, and cryptology. And that’s all before lunchtime.

The current director of the NSA is Lieutenant General Keith Alexander, but you might as well call him an Apple fan with Top Secret security clearance.

During a mostly classified Congressional hearing last week, which was held to determine whether or not Alexander will be heading up the newly established U.S. Cyber Command, Alexander at one point stated that he’s the proud owner of a spankin’ new iPad.

“I am a technologist. I love computers. I have a new iPad,” Alexander told the committee. Shortly thereafter, Democratic Senator Mark Udall of Colorado asked, perhaps jokingly, for a critical review of the iPad.

Not missing a beat, Alexander responded that the iPad was “wonderful.”

If it’s good enough for the NSA…

via Forbes



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