Okay, Brian Lam of Gizmodo is a dick

Tue, Apr 20, 2010


We’ll have more on Gizmodo’s hipocracy in outing the Apple engineer who left his iPhone 4G at a bar, but quickly wanted to direct your attention to this bullshit post from Gizmodo editor Brian Lam advising Gray Powell to keep his head up.

Hey man, I know things seem really tough right now. We had mixed feelings about writing the story of how you lost the prototype, but the story is fascinating. And tragic, which makes it human. And our sin is that we cannot resist a good story. Especially one that is human, and not merely about a gadget—that’s something that rarely comes out of Apple anymore. But hopefully you take these hard times and turn things around. We all make mistakes. Yours was just public. Tomorrow’s another day. We will all be cheering for you.

So first Gizmodo publishes his name, even though a generic “Apple Software Engineer” would have sufficed, and then Lam writes this fake-ass apology/we-hope-you’re-doing-well blurb on Gizmodo.

What a dick.



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  1. zildog Says:

    That is reprehensible.

    Paying money for a stolen iPhone, taking advantage of the guy who stole it – NAMING him, then saying “I’m sorry thats just bizzness”, is going get these guys hammered.

    Jobs is going to come down on them like a ton of bricks. And boy do these pricks deserves it.

  2. Joern Says:

    I’m glad you spelled it out.

    Great website, by the way.

  3. Paul Says:

    In no way is Brian Lam obligated to apologize to the incompetent ass-clown who got hammered and lost the iPhone. Seriously, Brian Lam is journalist and this engineer just became news. Grow the fuck up.

  4. CapnVan Says:

    Well, Paul, I’m glad you don’t feel Lam is obligated to apologize. Because what he wrote wasn’t an apology. It was, “Hope you don’t take it out on us for fucking you personally.”

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