Palm’s Senior VP of software and services prepares to jump ship to Twitter

Tue, Apr 20, 2010


Is this perhaps another nail in the Palm coffin? As part of their recently submitted SEC filing, Palm stated that their senior VP of software and services, Michael Abbot, would be leaving the company. Abbot was reportedly a driving force behind the largely well-received WebOS platform which, while decent in its own right, simply wasn’t enough to divert iPhone users away from the mothership. According to the filing, Abbot’s last day at Palm will be on April 23rd.¬†Also of note is the fact that Palm has been handing out generous amounts of stock packages to Palm executives, presumably in an attempt to keep them from jumping ship.

And where will Abbot be off to, exactly? Why Twitter of course.

Abbot will soon join Twitter where he will become the company’s VP of Engineering in addition to becoming the company’s first CTO. So in a matter of weeks, Twitter picked up Loren Brichter of Tweetie fame and the man behind WebOS – two products widely recognized for innovative quality. A lot of big things happening at Twitter right about now

via Palm’s 8-K SEC Filing

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