RIM CEO Mihalis Lazaridis downplays success of touchscreen smartphones

Wed, Apr 21, 2010


Mihalis (Mike) Lazaridis, co-CEO and co-Founder of RIM, recently downplayed the success of touchscreen phones like the iPhone while touting his own company’s lineup of qwerty-based devices.

Electronista reports:

While it’s important to give customers what they want, touch-only phones (like the iPhone) aren’t as popular anymore, Lazaridis argued. He claimed that most of the people who bought touchscreen-only phones in the past two years were going back to phones with hardware QWERTY keyboards, whether touch-enabled or otherwise. It’s those keyboards that made RIM “famous,” he said.

We’re not sure where Lazaridis is getting his information, but an underling might want to tap him on the shoulder and kindly let him know that he’s been grossly misinformed.

But now that we think about it, Lazaridis’ statement makes sense when you consider that the extent of his touchscreen phone usage is probably limited to the utterly disappointing Blackberry Storm models which have failed to gain a foothold against Apple’s growing and still dominant iPhone.

True, RIM’s keyboards made them “famous”, but what got ya there isn’t necessarily what’s gonna keep ya there.



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