Android running on a jailbroken iPhone 2G [Video]

Sun, Apr 25, 2010


Well this is kinda trippy. A jailbroken iPhone 2G running the Android OS. Pretty cool if, you know, you’re into that sorta thing. As of now, the hack only works on the original iPhone but the mastermind behind this devious scheme says he might try and port it over to the iPhone 3GS in the future.


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  1. Jason Anderson Says:

    Don’t know why anyone would want this. The whole reason to buy an iPhone is for the iPhone OS. There’s nothing about the Apple hardware that is better than an Android phone. You’re basically installing another OS just to not have a keyboard. What’s the point? The only benefit would be if the iPhone hardware had any advantage over an Android phone. The better thing would be to hack the iPhone OS into an Android phone.

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