iPads are now welcome in the land of milk and honey

Sun, Apr 25, 2010


If you’re an iPad toting tourist intent on traveling to Israel, you can now rest easy with the knowledge that your iPad won’t be taken from you by the folks over at Israeli customs.

About 10 days ago, we reported that Israeli authorities were confiscating iPads from incoming travelers because the device’s wi-fi configuration, so said the Israeli Communications Ministry, didn’t meet Israeli wireless specifications. A pretty specious argument because a) Israel’s wireless standards are the same as those used in Europe and no other European countries issued similar edicts and b) The wi-fi set up on the iPad isn’t any different from those found on devices like the iPhone and MacBook, two products which abound in the tech savvy land of milk and honey.

After nearly two weeks of head scratching, Israeli authorities have finally come to their senses. Ynet reports that the Communications Ministry will inform Israeli customs that US travellers will now be able to bring iPads into the country without a problem.

The ministry lifted the ban Saturday night, claiming that tests run on the computers revealed that the device automatically adjusts its wireless broadcast intensity to match local standards, making it possible to run iPads in Israel without placing unnecessary strain on Wi-Fi networks.

Last we heard, nearly 20 iPads had been confiscated by Israeli customs in the past few weeks and those devices will now be returned to their owners.




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