Steve Jobs email: No Mac app store

Mon, Apr 26, 2010


If you had to describe Apple’s control of the iTunes App Store in one word, I think “inconsistent” would best fit the bill, though I’m sure a large, or perhaps vocal, contingent would make a case for “draconian.”

Regardless, the fact remains that if you want to get an app onto the iPhone, it first has to pass muster from Apple, a setup which infuriates some developers and an assortment of open technology advocates.

Apple’s strict, and oftentimes confusing, handling of app store submissions has led some to fear that Apple would roll out a a similar app store for Mac applications where they would exert the same level of control and subjective judgement that has colored the iTunes App Store thus far.

But not to worry, dear readers, Steve Jobs himself addressed this concern in yet another email reply this weekend.

MacStories reader Fernando Valente recently¬†emailed Jobs asking if rumors of a Mac App Store were true. Jobs simply replied, “Nope.”



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