Confirmed: Apple purchased ARM design company “Intrinsity”

Tue, Apr 27, 2010


So long PA Semi, hello Intrinsity. Confirming earlier reports, Apple today finalized a deal to acquire Inrinsity, an ARM design company well-regarded for their lower power designs. Impressively, Intrinsity designs were recently EDN Innovation Aware finalists “in both the microprocessor and Innovator categories.”

The purchase price for Intrinsity was reportedly $121 million, and the NYT notes that “Intrinsity’s Hummingbird product is thought to be the main computational engine behind the A4.”

When announcing the iPad in February, Steven P. Jobs, Apple’s chief executive, bragged that the device relied on “the most advanced chip” the company had ever placed in a product. Apple called the chip the A4 and said it was responsible for the iPad’s 10-hour battery life and the speedy performance of software.

Evidence that Apple purchased Intrinsity first surfaced in early April when some LinkedIn browsing revealed that a number of former Intrinsity employees had recently taken up residence at Apple.

via NYT


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